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Jason Abber, MD

Seth Cohen, MD

Timothy Daskivich, MD

Joshua Gonzalez, MD

Amit Gupta, MD

Lisa Shames

Mary Samplaski, MD

Christopher F. Tenggardjaja, MD

Past Meetings

March 6, 2013
Treatment of Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma in the Era of Targeted Therapies

August 15, 2012
A New Epigenetic Assay to Address Feared False-Negative Prostate Biopsy Results

July 11, 2012
Urinary Incontinence & Male Slings

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Searchable Membership Directory

Hagop A. Dikranian, M.D. Alhambra
William Barba, M.D. Altadena
Roger N. Andrews, M.D., FACS Arcadia
Alan H. Yamada, M.D. Arcadia
Morris Claman, M.D. Beverly Hills
Karyn Eilber, M.D. Beverly Hills
Martin K. Gelbard, M.D. Burbank
Michael J. Hyman, M.D. Burbank
Arthur D. Vatz, M.D. Burbank
Philip I. Weintraub, M.D. Burbank
Harley M. Wishner, M.D. Calabasas
Mark H. Kawachi, M.D.,FACS Duarte
Clayton Lau, M.D. Duarte
Jennifer A. Linehan, M.D. Duarte
Timothy G. Wilson, M.D. Duarte
Benham B. Shenassa, M.D. Eagle Rock
Daniel J. Cosgrove, M.D. Encino
Malcolm D. Cosgrove, M.D. Encino
Shahen DerBoghosian, M.D. Glendale
Gene M. Broth, M.D. Hidden Hills
Sepehr Nowfar, M.D., MPH Inglewood
Gene C. Rajaratnam, M.D. Lancaster
Misak H. Abdulian, M.D. Los Angeles
Thomas P. Bogaard, M.D. Los Angeles
Gary W. Chien, M.D. Los Angeles
Arnold C. Cinman, M.D. Los Angeles
Siamak Daneshmand, M.D. Los Angeles
Dudley S. Danoff, M.D., FACS Los Angeles
Premal Desai, M.D. Los Angeles
Barry P. Duel, M.D. Los Angeles
David S. Finley, M.D. Los Angeles
Stuart Fisher, M.D. Los Angeles
Gerhard J. Fuchs, M.D. Los Angeles
Inderbir S. Gill, M.D. Los Angeles
Vito D. Imbasciani, M.D. Los Angeles
Thomas L. Johnson, Jr., M.D. Los Angeles
David Y. Josephson , M.D., FACS Los Angeles
Ronald J. Kaplan , M.D. Los Angeles
Jon A. Kaswick, M.D. Los Angeles
Floyd A. Katske, M.D. Los Angeles
Dennis H. Kim, M.D. Los Angeles
Hyung L. Kim, M.D. Los Angeles
Ja-Hong Kim, M.D. Los Angeles
John J. Kowalczyk, D.O. Los Angeles
Mark Lassoff, M.D., MBA, MPH Los Angeles
Maria P. Lau, NP Los Angeles
Leonard Liang, M.D. Los Angeles
Leonard S. Marks, M.D. Los Angeles
Bimal K. Masih, M.D., FACS Los Angeles
Nosheen Massey, FNP Los Angeles
Robert Mendez, M.D. Los Angeles
Rafael G. Mendez , M.D. Los Angeles
Kia Michel, M.D. Los Angeles
Farhad Motamedi, M.D., FACS Los Angeles
Norman J. Nemoy, M.D. Los Angeles
Christopher Ng, M.D. Los Angeles
Kamran N. Nikravan, M.D. Los Angeles
Marjorie Nunez, NP Los Angeles
Soroush A. Ramin, M.D. Los Angeles
Polina K. Reyblat, M.D. Los Angeles
Anne K. Schuckman, M.D. Los Angeles
Robert A. Shpall, M.D. Los Angeles
Donald G. Skinner, M.D. Los Angeles
William R. Sloan, M.D. Los Angeles
Nickolas Tomasic, M.D. Los Angeles
Mark W. Vogel, M.D., FACS Los Angeles
Philip Werthman, M.D. Los Angeles
George J. Yamauchi, M.D., FACS Los Angeles
Erica Marchand, Ph.D. Los Angeles
Christopher F. Tenggardjaja, MD Los Angeles
Michael B Scott, M.D. Lynwood
Jennifer Anger, M.D. Manhattan Beach
J. Antonio Alarcon, M.D. Montebello
Ruben Ramirez, M.D. Monterey Park
Mark B. Sender, M.D. Newhall
Robert B. Klein, M.D. Northridge
Bassam K. Bejjani, M.D. Panorama City
James L. Lau, M.D. Panorama City
Howard Irwin Winter, M.D., FACS Panorama City
Michael B. Bishai, M.D. Pasadena
Courtland A. Blake, M.D. Pasadena
Guadalupe Gonzalez , PA-C Pasadena
Philip G. Pearson, M.D. Pasadena
David W. Rhodes, M.D. Pasadena
Stanley A. Brosman, M.D. Santa Monica
Peter M. Loisides, M.D. Santa Monica
Lazaro G. Wisnia, M.D. Sherman Oaks
Ganesha L. Devendra, M.D. Simi Valley
S. Daniel Niku, M.D. Simi Valley
Muni N. Reddy, M.D. Simi Valley
Shashi K. Reddy, M.D. Simi Valley
Christian Winkle, HP Simi Valley
Richard Leff , M.D. Tarzana
Richard A. Shapiro, M.D. Tarzana
Leonard B. Skaist, M.D. Tarzana
James S. Mollenkamp, M.D. Torrance
Shelby N. Morrisroe, M.D. Torrance
Jacob Rajfer, M.D. Torrance
Donald Motzkin, M.D. Van Nuys
Gary W. Smith, M.D. Van Nuys
Michael H. Safir, M.D. West Hills
Gregory E. Polito, M.D. Whittier
Marc Herskowitz, M.D. Woodland Hills
John S. Lam, M.D. Woodland Hills
Simon D. Wu, M.D. Woodland Hills

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