LAUS New Members

Welcome New Members!

Jason Abber, MD

Seth Cohen, MD

Timothy Daskivich, MD

Joshua Gonzalez, MD

Amit Gupta, MD

Lisa Shames

Mary Samplaski, MD

Christopher F. Tenggardjaja, MD

Past Meetings

March 6, 2013
Treatment of Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma in the Era of Targeted Therapies

August 15, 2012
A New Epigenetic Assay to Address Feared False-Negative Prostate Biopsy Results

July 11, 2012
Urinary Incontinence & Male Slings

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2018 Officers

John S. Lam, MD
Woodland Hills, CA
David Josephson, MD, FACS
Los Angeles, CA
Premal J. Desai, MD
Los Angeles, CA
Ja-Hong Kim, MD
Los Angeles, CA


Past Presidents

2015 – David Josephson, MD, FACS
2013/2014 – Michael Safir, MD
2012 – Polina Reyblat, MD
2011 – Jennifer Anger, MD
2009/2010 – Philip E. Werthman, MD
2008 – Karyn Eilber, MD
2007 – Ernest H. Agatstein, MD
2006 – S. Adam Ramin, MD
2005 – Peter Loisides, MD



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